Focus, Scope and Mission

Focus and Scope

PAEDIATRIC SURGERY. UKRAINE – is a scientific and practical peer-reviewed open access journal.
The journal publishes original research, clinical observations, and special feature articles in the field of paediatric surgery, as broadly defined, medical review, workshop/conference/symposium/congress summaries, expert commentary, novel insights into clinical and academic paediatric surgery: general surgery, cardiology, neurosurgery, thoracic and abdominal surgery, dentistry, urology, gynecology, nephrology, pulmonology, etc. The content of the journal also includes related fields such as orthopedics, anesthesiology, postoperative care and rehabilitation, pedagogy, etc.

The journal is based on independent and unbiased double-blinded peer-reviewed principles. Only unpublished papers that are not under review for publication elsewhere can be submitted. The authors are responsible for the scientific content of the material to be published. The Journal reserves the right to request any research materials on which the paper is based. Printed copies of the journal are distributed during scientific and practical activities (live events), presented in all leading scientific institutions and medical libraries in Ukraine. All articles are also available in PDF, HTML format on the journal website (, websites of National Library of Ukraine (, Ukrainian Scientific Citation Index ( and are made freely available immediately upon publication.

The PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE is published in Ukrainian, Russian and English 4 times a year.

The Editorial Board of the PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE and the Publisher adheres to the principles of the International Council of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE,, the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME,, the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE, ). For all research studies the journal's policy requires an approval of research protocols by an appropriate ethics committee in accordance with international agreements “WMA Declaration of Helsinki - Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects (last updated: October 2013, Fortaleza, Brazil)” (, "Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals”, 8th edition, 2011 ( and/or “WMA statement on animal use in biomedical research”, 2016 (


The PAEDIATRIC SURGERY. UKRAINE mission is to distribute original medical data of the highest value for a diverse audience of those that participate in pediatric surgery care: practicing pediatric surgeons, academic general and subspecialty physicians and clinicians, researchers, educators, pharmacists and others. Supporting and continuously deepening knowledge and practical skills of paediatric surgery, the journal contribute to improving the quality of care and the health of children population.

The PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE believes that high quality and ethical publication will contribute to the progressive development of medical sciences and healthcare in Ukraine.