A rare case of a large tumour located under the facial nerve trunk





pleomorphic adenoma, parotidectomy, facial nerve


Aim: to introduce a technique of total parotidectomy sparing the facial nerve branches based on a clinical case.

The article presents a clinical case of a large parotid tumour located under the facial nerve trunk, the stages of its surgical removal, and the postoperative course.

Parotidectomy is one of the most complicated operations in maxillofacial surgery. When performing this surgical intervention, a surgeon must observe the principles of ablastics, consider individual peculiarities of the facial nerve anatomy structure and relations of nerve and tumour, and be ready to expand the scope of the operation from subtotal to total parotidectomy.

Conclusions. To improve the treatment outcomes of patients with benign parotid tumours and to reduce the number of such postoperative complications as paresis and paralysis of the mimetic muscles caused by facial nerve injury, one should know and follow the technique of parotidectomy, especially in the case of a neoplasm located under the trunk or branches of facial nerve.

The research was adhered to the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki. The patient informed consent was obtained for the study.

No conflict of interests was declared by the authors.


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