Tissue expansion as a stimulator of angiogenesis





angiogenesis, vascular growth factors, endothelium, tissue expansion


Angiogenesis is the process of formation of new blood vessels in tissues and organs, which occurs with the participation of many factors. Angiogenesis can be influenced by various factors, such as mechanical tissue stretching, hypoxia, infections, inflammation, and others. Understanding these mechanisms can be important for the development of new approaches to the treatment of various diseases associated with angiogenesis disorders. The process of angiogenesis plays an important role in various physiological and pathological conditions, such as wound healing, tissue regeneration, tumor development, and others. Regulation of angiogenesis can be used for the treatment of diseases associated with a lack of blood circulation. Knowledge about angiogenesis can also be useful for planning and conducting surgery, to increase the efficiency of the surgery, which can help significantly reduce the risk of complications, and avoid repeated interventions.

Purpose - to search and analyze the recent publications to identify trends in the direction of influence on vascular growth.

The search for publications was carried out in well-known global scientometric databases, the range of which spanned more than 10 years. Published results of many years of research, factors and methods of influence on angiogenesis were found and analyzed.

To date, the questions of the impact on angiogenesis remain open, which calls for further research and study of new methods and improvement of existing ones, since knowledge about the mechanisms of angiogenesis can help to develop new methods of treatment and prevention of various diseases.

No conflict of interests was declared by the authors.


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