Place of video-assisted thoracoscopic operations in differential diagnosis of disseminated and focal pulmonary lesions




focal and disseminated pulmonary diseases, video-assisted thoracoscopic and open pulmonary resections, high-frequency electric welding of living tissues


Differential diagnosis of focal and disseminated pulmonary lesions causes difficulties for many practitioners. A wide range of diseases with a similar X-ray pattern requires the improvement of surgical techniques in order to quickly and efficiently, as well as a minimally invasive determination of the aetiology of pathological condition. In the article, a comparative evaluation of the video-assisted thoracoscopic and open lung resections for the differential diagnosis of focal and disseminated lung lesions of unknown aetiology was carried out. Through the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, there was two-fold reduction of the operation length, extent of blood loss, number of complications and length of hospital stay achieved. The possibility of using high-frequency electric welding of living tissues in video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery was also shown.


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Original articles. Thoracic surgery